Step Brother…


Not those “stepbrothers” …although these two did probably provide us with one of the most delightfully awful (and funny) movie clips we have ever used on Sunday morning at actionchurch.    …yeah it took some editing.

For the next two weeks we’ll be hearing from the “Stepbrother” of Jesus.  James grew up with Jesus…same family…different FATHER.  He watched Jesus rise to super stardom.  He watched the movement Jesus started be crushed and scattered after the death of his famous brother. James watched Jesus’ legacy (the church) rise from the ashes and spread all over the known world.  He became a leader of that early movement and wrote one of the hardest hitting “books” in the Bible.  Take a few minutes this week to read the letter that James wrote…it’s short…it doesn’t mess around…it doesn’t “play nice.   (Read it Here)

For the next two weeks we’ll be talking about what this “stepbrother” had to say to people who claim to follow his famous brother, Jesus.  We’ll tackle the tough questions about what it means to be “like” Jesus.  The answers might surprise you.

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