Sunday Recap: Tightrope edition


This week in the “my life is a circus ” series we talked about the “tightrope” of pressure that life becomes when we begin to live a life of pleasing and impressing others.   I LOVE the art for the series this week (thanks Kirsten!). I think the tightrope walker in the spotlight…losing her balance…ready to fall at any moment is how we all feel when we are trying to keep secrets and be someone we are not.  In Luke chaper 12 Jesus gave the solution for “tightrope” living….Don’t add religious rules and demands to your life…stop trying to keep “secrets” and cover up lies…don’t worry about what people think of you, worry about what God thinks…realize that you are valuable to God so you don’t have to prove your value to others…and most importantly, remember the that the only thing that will matter someday is what you did about Jesus.  Jesus never taught us how to live a “balanced” life.  Jesus didn’t teach how to be better at walking on the “tightrope”.   Jesus said JUMP.  Jump off that tightrope of expectations, pressure, and lies…and live a life of mercy and grace.

Sunday really felt “old-school”.  Josiah was out of town…I kicked off the service and we were running powerpoint on a (gasp) PC.  We definitely our Chief Creative Officer..but Ryan and Garrett were flawless in making sure things ran smoothly anyway.

BTW…  thanks Ryan for not punching me in the face when I kept trying to “help” you with setting up video.  I promise I won’t “help” anymore you definitely had it under control!  Sorry.

Almost all of our gear was on the bus and had to be moved this week…  actionkidz had to be completely “re-assembled”.  It was simply amazing how quickly everyone got everything put back together.  I am in awe of the actionchurch crew!   It was great to meet new people already pitching in to help out.  Thanks for all the extra help this week!!!

Happy Birthday BILL…thanks for coming out on your B-day move heavy objects in the rain:-) Don’t know what we would do without the “dynamic Snyder Duo” (Garrett and Bill) on Sunday mornings.

The Burning State on stage this week.  These guys will definitely be back @actionchurch.  I really enjoyed getting to know these guys and they ROCKED the club.  “Hero” by Foo Fighters is one of my favorite songs and they did a great cover of that to end up the day.  Lots of great response to these guys. 

Next week is mothers day…we’re gonna finish up the circus series and talk about “busyness” and “juggling” in our lives.  If you bring Mom I promise not to say anything (much) to embarrass you.  :-)

The following week we will be kicking off our efforts to make Relay for life York an even more amazing event this year.  We will be having a couple of guest speakers that I am excited for you guys to hear from…and praying for everyone that is dealing with cancer in your families.   The economy may be “down” but actionchurch is going to be “Up” in how we support people struggling with cancer in our community!

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