Lessons from a busted Refrigerator…


Sunday our refrigerator stopped “refrigeratoring”…  Here’s what I learned.

1.  There are people that sell refrigerators.  (yeah I’d like to have one of those sweet new frig’s with the flat panel TV in the door :-)  but it’s not exactly in the budget right now.)

2.  There are “professionals”  that fix refrigerators.  (they will come to your house about 4 days after all your food has spoiled and you have resorted to going through your neighbors garbage like a raccoon to survive.)

3.  There are people that sell appliance parts.   (the problem is…unless you are a “professional” you don’t know what parts you need…)

4.  There are people that will help you figure out what is wrong with your busted refrigerator and point  you to the parts you need.   (even if you are a big dummy and don’t know the first thing about refrigerators except how to open the door and stare glassy eyed at all the food…which may have caused the frig to fail in the first place.)


I want actionchurch to be a “#4” kind of church.  I don’t want to just sell people “new”religion.  I never want to be a church of “religious professionals” there to “fix” all your personal problems with “a little Jesus”.   I don’t want to be a “#3” kind of church that just teaches Biblical facts and hopes that people will figure out “what part they need”.

I want actionchurch to be full of people who care about others.  Who are willing to share their stories of successes and failures and point people to the “parts” of scripture that have helped them.  I want to care more about people’s lives than just “selling” our programs, our doctrines, or even our particular Sunday morning service.

I promise not to turn the actionchurch blog into the “Mr Fix-it” forum…but I am really grateful for the sites out there that helped our family and saved us a ton of money by sharing their “refrigerator expertise”.   I know that there are many of your friends and my friends who would be even more grateful if we care enough to NOT try to fix their problems…NOT try to “sell” them anything… but care enough to share how we have overcome similar problems.   The “disasters” you have experienced may just be the “expertise” someone else needs right now…

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