Sunday recap: My life is a circus pt. 1


So yesterday was the kick off of the My Life is a Circus series.   Maybe we should call this series  “We had a clown at church and no one even thought it was unusual”    You just never know who’s gonna show up at club 19 on Sunday morning.  Sorry to anyone who was scared of the clown…and our apologies to the clown if he was slightly scared of actionchurch.  :-) 


actionkidz “big top” entrance.

Society says we “Deserve to be happy”.  Religion says we “SHOULD BE” happy.  Jesus Says we “can be” happy…not in everything that happens…but in knowing that he is in control and has a plan for us if we will just follow…

The Highlights:

The actionchurch/actionkidz team!  Period. I love how everyone can take an idea, apply their “mad skilz” and make it come to life.  Thanks to Kirsten Katz for the original “circusy” artwork.  Thanks to Kari for building the “big top”. Thanks to EVERYONE who makes actionchurch happen each Sunday.  I can’t tell you all what a pleasure it is to be part of a church where people work so hard to make “wow” moments for people who chose to come to church.

The dudes from Chambered Rocked…no surprise…but I love the Disciple cover they did.  I wasn’t sure if I was walking up to preach or enter a UFC match.  They are really a great bunch of guys who play really aggressive music.

Met some new people…met some people that have been coming for a while…I love hearing why people come to actionchurch.

I am really looking forward to next week.  If you’ve ever felt like you have a “weakness” that somehow “disqualifies” you from a great life that “matters”…don’t miss next week.  Think you don’t have a “weakness”?   You might not want to miss next week either…you just might be surprised.


One thought on “Sunday recap: My life is a circus pt. 1

  1. The Youtube video (like Don’s Sunday messages), moved me greatly. We have to keep this thing going, I could never go back to the “Traditional Setting.”
    Like the caravan that approached the “Brothers Israel,” which changed world history, as Joe, was sold into slavery, which seemed at the time like pure coincidence, it was caused by the foot of God,(traditional churches use the phrase “hand of God,” I had to change it to foot!) and likewise, so was the creation of actionchurch. Being involved with actionchurch, is not only spiritually rewarding, it is also a blast.