Easter Recap


Sound Check

This was the second Easter Sunday at actionchurch…and what a difference a year makes!  Our first Easter Celebration at Fat Daddys Nightclub came just a few weeks after our launch…last year was chaotic, frantic, and like a “near-miss” car wreck…exciting!   This year the actionchurch crew made the whole thing look almost “easy”.  Now nothing that is actually done well is “easy”…it’s actually a lot of hard work…but everyone involved is absolutely passionate and skilled at their task..and it shows. Thank you all!


I wish I could be two places at once because I know from my daughter that actionkidz was absolutely great…Eggs were dropping from the ceiling and the entire teaching time was great.  Thanks to Chrissie for preparing baskets  and an egg-drop  (not the soup) for every one of the kidz.  When the “big door” comes down and the service starts…the best part of actionchurch is definitely on the actionkidz side.  Thanks to Kari, Susan, and all the great crew!

Last year we were way down on attendance on Easter.  (Go figure…)  This year we did have lots of people gone…traveling…students going home..etc.  But the new faces made for a great turnout . Thanks for inviting your friends actionchurch.

The all-stars on stage… I just hope that American Idol doesn’t find out about the all-stars and want them to replace Ricky Minor and the band.  No matter what line up Jerry brings they always make the day!  Loved the addition of Andre on keys.  It is hard to believe that this band is (as their name suggests) made up of members of 4or5? different local bands.  You would think that they spent ALL of their time playing together…  ZZ top, Blind faith, the Beatles, and Don Henley…loved the set Sunday.

We flipped the “my name is Joe” series …into “my name is Zaphenath-Peneah” for Easter.  To be perfectly honest I was not really satisfied with the sermon after I finished.  Some days are like that.  I wanted so bad to help people “feel” and understand that the most amazing thing about Jesus being alive is not just that he is back from the dead…but that like Joseph…he forgives us and isn’t angry.  Not sure I did that story justice…

Fitzkee’s candies called us up Saturday and said they had over produced their Giant gourmet coconut eggs and wondered if we wanted to give them out Easter Sunday at church.   After I tasted one I said of course !  :-)  Thank you Fitzkees Candies!

…if you thought you were getting a peanut butter egg…blame me.  I think I told Josiah that.  Hope no one is allergic to coconut and in diabetic shock right now.  Ooops.

What a strange week…Josiah was on the front page of the paper.  I was on the Local racing show talking about Jesus and racing :-) but the best part was getting together and celebrating with old and new friends that “Jesus is alive  …and he’s not angry with us!”

Great Easter… but I am looking forward even more to next week as we kick of the “My life is a Circus”.  I think the next four weeks will touch on stuff that EVERYONE is dealing with…and I think we will be talking about them in ways that you maybe wouldn’t have expected!


4 thoughts on “Easter Recap

  1. You didn’t think you told Josiah, you told Josiah they were peanut butter eggs… And I was very disappointed…

  2. I am so sad I missed it. I am having actionchurch withdrawal!! Between being sick, death in the family and traveling we haven’t been there for 4 weeks!!! AHHHHHHHHH….I look forward to coming Sunday…I wish it were Sunday now!!! I need to pray to pass Chemistry too LOL I don’t want to take it again and I’m not doing well!

  3. You did fine Sunday, Don! That is the amazing thing about God to me is that he isn’t ticked off at me! I need to remember that at times. He is more patient with me than I am! You would think not getting fried by a lightning bolt would let you know God is not angry but sometimes it is good to hear it from somebody.

    Next time lets get peanut butter coconut with caramel eggs!!