I Love Tofu…


Okay, I don’t really love tofu…but I read this “news” story (link) today about a vegan woman who really, really, does love tofu!  In fact she wanted to proclaim her love of tofu to the world by getting  “ILVTOFU” on her license plate.  The DMV turned down her “obscene” request…and hilarity ensued.  :-)

I wonder if people always “get it” when Christians try to point people to Jesus?  Do “this vehicle will be driver-less in the event of rapture”, or “God is my co-pilot” bumper stickers really inspire people to turn to God?  …or arouse a very different emotion?  Do “clever” Christian t-shirts really cause people to drop to their knees and repent of their sins?   How about “clever” church signs like “Ch__rch-  what’s missing?  UR!”  actually cause people show up on Sunday morning?

So what are we trying to “say” to people as followers of Jesus?  What are they actually “seeing” or “hearing”?   Only one way to find out…actually ask them.  The answers might surprise you!

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