Easter: What's it to ya?


I’m talking about Easter on Sunday in a way I have never thought about…ever.  An aspect of Jesus being alive that never occurred to me. 

Easter is hard to “pin down”.   Hard to wrap your arms around.  Full of tradition…yet it doesn’t even fall on the same day every year.  (That bugs me by the way.)

So for so most of us it’s something different…What’s it to you?

An opportunity to say that “my savior is alive and yours in not?”  (kind of like the religious version of my dad can beat up your dad)

An opportunity to eat large amounts of Ham?

An opportunity to hide eggs and give children a basket of candy that will last them until Halloween?

An opportunity for churches to “market” their services to people who wouldn’t normally come to church?  (yeah we think about stuff like that.)

An opportunity for the family to get together for Sunday brunch? 

An opportunity to “decorate” the crosses on churches with purple cloth?  (it does really make an instrument of torture look “cozy”)

An opportunity to eat chicks and bunnies made out of either chocolate or the same stuff they use to make packing peanuts?  (love ya peeps!)

An opportunity to get that suit that you wore for the fall formal out of your closet an put it on?  (it still fits…sort of).

So what’s it to you?  I’m not criticising Easter “traditions”.  I’m down with chocolate bunnies and eating ham with the extended family after church.   I’m cool with that.  But there is something I have been missing…  I’ll tell ya about it on Sunday.

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