Sunday Recap: My name is Joe pt 3



Today was part three of the story of Joseph…and a really good day to be in church.  There’s a reason why of all the stories in the Bible, the story of “Joe”  (Genesis chapters 37-50) is one of the most detailed.  There are just so many things in the story that can still instruct and inspire us today on how to live a life that triumphs over adversity.  Even though “Joe” had many reasons to look inward…to look out for himself…to “take care of number one” he noticed the problems of those around him.  Even though he had been betrayed by his family, sold as a slave, falsely accused of rape and imprisoned…he took the time to notice that his fellow prisoners looked a little “down” and that made all the difference in his story.  God’s plan was not to just “save” Joe from the pit, the “cougar” or the prison..God’s plan was to save the lives of the Egyptian people, the Israelites…and by extension, Jesus.   The path to seeing your “dreams come true” always comes through serving others.


The Pledge on stage today.  Fresh off of playing both Friday and Saturday nights…they have never sounded better.  I really enjoyed hearing new material… and the “softer side” of the band.  Great Job!

Had the #87 Lance Danmeyer Xtreme stock Camaro in the parking lot today.  Lance has been attending actionchurch for the past year and we LOVE getting to “ride along” on his race car.  The first race of the season is Saturday night at Susquehanna Speedway…  Lance says the car is very fast this year so you might want to check it out!

I have to learn to think “bigger”  we gave away all of the new invite cards today…oops. I’ll have more for next week.  Thank you so much for all of you who took cards to invite your friends and family.

Podcasting is happening!  You listen to the latest sermons here  (link).   Or click on the link and subscribe to the podcasts on i-tunes.   Sorry we can’t put the great music played each Sunday on due to copyright stuff…but that gives everyone a reason to change out of their “jammies” and hear the great bands on Sunday morning.  and No…I don’t think we will have to have a “mature” rating on i-tunes…at least I don’t think so.  :-)  

Met lots of new people today. Love to see the new faces and hear the stories…  That’s what this is all about folks…being a place where people who would have never imagined themselves in church can hear about a God who loves them so very much!

Thanks for the i-phone pics Garrett…you put the “man” in stage manager.

Next week is going to be ridiculous!   Invite your friends who “don’t like church”… the all-stars have a HOT set prepared and I am going to talk about Easter in a way I have never heard before…  

Even better…actionkidz is doing Easter like only they can.  Any kid that is there next week is going to have a blast! Load up the mini-van.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: My name is Joe pt 3

  1. Loved your references to God’s timeline – as opposed to ours. We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last week. Had been high school sweethearts before that. Tried everything I could think of to get my husband to traditional church…prayed about it – struggled with it – agonized about it – kept praying and pleading and begging and praying….Long story short – 14 YEARS later – we find Action Church – He loves it because he can wear whatever he wants to church! He even invites everyone at his Thursday night pool matches – Go figure!

    • Thanks for sharing…stories like yours are exactly why we do this whole crazy experiment called actionchurch!

  2. keep up the great work – i know it isn’t always easy, but what you are doing really does make a difference in people’s lives.