Joe to go-week 3


Sunday I will be talking about the portion of Joseph’s life between entering prison-and becoming the “Governor” in charge of all of Egypt.  It’s a lot of ground to cover and there are lots of really interesting story lines that won’t “make the cut” for Sunday morning.

Check it out yourself:  Genesis Chapter 40-42:6   (Read it online)

Think God can only work in “good times”…can you think of a “worse” time than a seven year famine?

When Pharaoh asked Joseph for a “plan” to deal with the crisis, he was ready with a detailed strategy.  Do you think Christians today offer a “plan” to deal with the troubles we face?  …or just criticism?

“Joe” picked some interesting names for his children…besides probably getting them beat up in second grade what do you think those names say about his attitude and mindset toward his past?

…just a few of the great story lines that won’t make it into the sermon .  I’m saving the “best” one…the one that I think can absolutely change our lives “for the good”  in 2009…for Sunday morning.  See ya there.

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