"A Dangerous Man"




Over the past couple months I have begun to read through the Gospels. Now that I have come to Luke,the third of four accounts of Jesus’ life, I feel as though I am reading the same things over and over again. I know that each Gospel varies slightly in accordance with the author’s perspective, yet these differences are sometimes so minimal that they are hard to notice. Today though, a slight variant stood out…like a Mac Product :)

I started at Luke 23, at which Jesus is brought before Pilate before His crucifixion. Pilate is insisting that Jesus innocent, yet the the crowd is persistent in saying that He is not.

Luke 23:5 – But they were vehement. “He’s stirring up unrest among the people with his teaching, disturbing the peace everywhere, starting in Galilee and now all through Judea. He’s a dangerous man, endangering the peace .”

I stopped after the last line and reread it- “He’s a dangerous man, endangering the peace.” I have read this passage before and simply disagreed with what the crowd was saying about Jesus, thinking that they didn’t know what they were talking about. You see though, the crowd is completely accurate in saying this, Jesus is dangerous! He does not promise a peaceful and oh so sweet life; as a matter of fact, many times Jesus does endanger the peace.

Just like actionchurch discussed in Part One of  My Name Is Joe, God does not promise to protect His followers from trouble, but instead uses the hard, challenging, and sometimes seemingly hopeless or peace-less times to ultimately heal us, make us a stronger person. At the time, a current situation may seem dangerous and hurtful, yet it is in these times that we are being molded into something we can not yet perceive. God does have a plan to turn bad things into good, and when we trust him to guide us, we have nothing to fear. So Yes, Jesus is a dangerous man, endangering the peace, yet I trust that He has a greater plan and will use any situation for something awesome!

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