Sunday Recap: My name is Joe pt. 1


Yesterday was the first day of the “My name is Joe” series.  It was also the first sunday of spring…and far too nice an afternoon to open my laptop…so sorry for the late recap:-)   We talked about the life of Joseph (Genesis chapters 37-50)  starting with the ending and (in my estimation) one of the most powerful concepts of the Bible.   “20You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. ” (Genesis 50:20)   God doesn’t promise to protect his followers from trouble, instead he offers something far better!  God’s plan for those who are part of his plans is “heads I win, tails you lose”.   Not “good odds” of success…but “God odds”.   Even when we find ourselves “in the pit” like Joseph…even if we are betrayed and treated unfairly…even if we have made bad decisions ourself…If we look “up” and stop looking “around” for help God has a plan to turn the bad into good…and use it to help others. 

The Highlights:

It was great to be back at actionchurch!   It was great to be away…but I missed you all. 

I had so many people tell me how flawless last week was…I think it was a great example of how the church is NOT about the preacher…but about the team.   I think last week clearly proves that.   It’s Jesus’ church…and YOU make it work!

Every one knows that I am an “apple sceptic” that I haven’t drank the apple coolaid…but the new all-mac system looks really great on the screens.  Keynote really is wayyyy better looking than powerpoint.  Great Job Josiah.

If you missed part one of the “Joe” series I think we will start podcasting with this series in the next couple of weeks…stay tuned here for details.

I love meeting new folks…I never get tired of hearing the stories of what brought people to church.

Speaking of stories…the hard part of hearing stories is that I know so many of you are dealing with really difficult situations with job loss or uncertainty.  You are all in my prayers…and I certainly don’t say this so you will just show up for the rest ot the “Joe”series…but I am certain the concepts found in the story of Joseph are for right now  God sees exactly where you are and has a way of escape…do not give in to fear or dispair!

I tried to explain what a “concubine” was…maybe calling them “designated hitters” wasn’t perfect…but I stand by my baseball analogy :-)  

Angels Wake from Coatesville pa on stage.  The lyrics to their song “all for the good” couldn’t have been more perfect for the day. 

I met the family that won the  Nintendo Wii system last week…really cool.  I love doing church where “anything can happen”.

Thanks to all of you for being so faithful in inviting, investing, and getting involved…we are so ridiculously blessed to have a place like actionchurch to bring our friends…and it’s all because of you all!  The economy may be in recession but we are NOT participating as a church!

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  1. Great job Josiah on the graphics…and the timing was right on too. Sorry Don, this was written on a MAC