Wiki Faith…


I often joke that I am the “Wiki-preacher”…that I try to give people just enough information to pique their interest enough to want to research the facts themselves.  Sunday I gave my “version” of two epic stories (Noah, Lot)  that Jesus mentioned in his teaching in less than 5 minutes.  I often remind people on Sunday mornings to “Check out scripture for yourself…remember I’m just some guy you met in a bar”.

I’m “guilty” of looking things up on wikipedia…  I like the idea that a “wiki” is a simple way for people to collaborate their knowledge and expertise to benefit others.  I often check the wikipedia entry when I google such important queries as “When did the first Boston album come out?” or “Is Tom Green actually that annoying?”.  

I wouldn’t “bet my life” on a wikipedea entry.  I wouldn’t use it to diagnose a medical condition.  I wouldn’t wiki “How to diffuse a nuclear device” (not that I would ever need to…unless Jack Bauer ever happened to need my help)   I certainly wouldn’t wiki “Does God really love me?” -or-  “Is there a purpose for my life on this planet.” -or- “Why is life so painful…does God want us to suffer?”

We live in difficult times.  We all face difficult situations, and life changing decisions nearly every day.  I believe that in the midst of all our pain, God offers comfort,hope, and direction.  Over the next few months we are going to delve into some of life’s toughest questions.   I urge you not to take this preachers (or any preachers!) “word for it”.   Don’t just swallow the “common knowledge” offered by friends, family, (and especially not!) the media.  Think!  Ask God for Wisdom!  Ask hard questions. Study scripture yourself.  Double check your answers…  Don’t settle for “wiki faith”.

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