actionchurch v2.0


I missed posting a “Sunday Recap” for the first time ever this Sunday.  I really appreciate everyone who made Sunday possible.  I don’t want to go all “grammy acceptance speech” on you all,  but Sunday seriously could not have happened with out an entire team of outstanding people working togather.  Late in the week the all-stars had to cancel due to illness (look forward to seeing you guys again soon)  so Terry and the Guys at 315 artist management stepped up to the plate and was able to get Letters 4 Lovers in less than 48 hrs notice…   We had to change the Video clip at the last minute due to tech issues.  I scrapped most of my sermon on Sunday morning because it just didn’t “feel” right.   The band graciously allowed us to change two of their songs and rearrange their entire set at about 10:20…  It was one of “those” weeks. 

Things turned out just fine Sunday…   I’m a planner and a “control freak” at times so I’m not happy that our one year anniversary service literally had to be thrown together on Sunday morning.  But stuff like that happens…and I learned from it.   I learned to trust the actionchurch crew more than ever.  (any church in America would be incredibly lucky to have a crew like actionchurch).  I realized that the reason that we were able to “rebound” and do what we did Sunday was because of the areas I have “turned loose” as a leader…  (since actionchurch launched last February I have “stopped” booking the bands, running the screens, creating the graphics, managing the stage, planning all the sermon series, setting up the chairs…having anything to do with actionkidz, and the list goes on and on…)  I realized Sunday that the more things  I “hold on” to…the more I “hold back” the growth of the church.

I’m looking forward to being a small part of the great things I think God has for actionchurch this year…but I know that v2.0 will happen because the church will become more of “you” and less of “me”.   I will not speak all 51 Sundays of our second year.  I won’t be posting 300+ posts on this blog this year either.  (Stay tuned this week for some great “guest posts”!)   I will be relying more and more on the great crew and partners we have assembled in year one…  Chhhhange is gonna do us good!

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