…about the money.


I’m not sure I should be “admitting” this…it’s kind of embarrassing…but it’s funny and it kind of “captures” why we do what we do at actionchurch.

I got an email yesterday (Thanks!) from someone who makes their donations online.  They asked me where the “donate online” area was on the new website.  The truth is…in all the meetings and back and forth with Josiah as he designed our new website…we simply forgot it. 

It’s not because we don’t need donations…our biggest struggle as a church has always been “making it” financially.  It’s not that online giving isn’t important to actionchurch.   In fact, our online givers are some of our most generous and faithful financial supporters.  There are many weeks where what comes in the donation boxes on Sunday would not be nearly enough to cover expenses if people didn’t donate during the week.  Thank you all so much! 

Fund raising is simply not the “point” of actionchurch.  We know that we need funds to continue…and we know that God provides through generous people…so our goal is to provide something for the community that is worthy of people’s support… and trust God (and his people) to provide the funding.  That’s why we don’t take up an “offering” on Sunday mornings-that’s why there’s no “hard sell”.  We want people to hear about the Good news of Jesus whether they can donate or not.  Money is a “tool” not the goal.

The “donate” online button is now up on the front page of the web site.  Thank you for using it…thank you for reminding us that it was “missing”.  Thank you most of all for being part of this messy, imperfect, beautiful “experiment” we call actionchurch.

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