It’s a difficult thing to ask questions about “sacred” things.  To “risk” your assumptions and beliefs about such sensitive areas as prayer, the bible, our nation…or church(worship).   It’s messy and unsettling.  It’s a personal process, and no one can do it for you.  It’s much easier to learn “new” things…to build “new beliefs”…

The entire “Mythbusters” series in January is about “Demolition”…about breaking down “shaky” and “weak” beliefs and “conventional wisdom”.   It’s about  testing even the areas that we feel “strongly” about, to make sure they will actually stand up to the strain of “building”.  “Demo” is messy and time consuming.  Destructive even.  But it is absolutely essential to the building process.  Without it,  new construction is built on shaky foundations, attached to weak structures, doomed to fail even as it being built.

I’m excited about all the the “new” things I see coming for actionchurch in ’09.  I am convinced God has great plans for all of us…  So pray honest prayers…question everything…ask for wisdom personally…ask for wisdom for me and the rest of the Crew (please!)  But for now, let the “Demo” continue!

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