Thank you note…

Next Saturday afternoon (12/20) Bridge of Hope volunteers will be placing all of our donated items in the home of our “adopted family” (the family will be out for the day). Best Buy will be delivering and installing a brand new GE Washer and Dryer…dozens of presents will be put under the tree…bedrooms will be “made over” with all the furnishings you have donated…new clothing ready to be unwrapped and put in the closets…a brand new dining room table and chairs will be set up…the living room will be furnished for the first time with a new futon, coffee table and television…the kitchen will fully stocked and ready to prepare family meals. They will have a deep freeze…a new x-box 360…(2) handheld Nintendo DS’s under the tree…a packet of gift certificates for car car and hair cuts…stuff they need now…stuff they never dreamed of actually owning…other stuff that they have needed but done without for years. In short, this Saturday, because of you, everything will change for this family.

I’m looking forward to giving a “full report” of the big day on Sunday. I won’t be able to share pictures or video because we want to preserve “our” mom’s anonymity…we want this to truly be an extravagant gift to a needy stranger…no strings attached! I couldn’t wait ’till Sunday to say a few words of thanks to you all.

Thanks for caring about the needs of a stranger.
Thanks for being so generous and faithful in difficult financial times.
Thanks for returning your gift and tags…no one “knew” who took each tag…yet almost all of the tags came back with the gift or items attached (we are purchasing the few missing items this week.)
Thanks for actually giving above and beyond what you were challenged to do. I can’t tell you how many gifts came back with ” a little something extra”
Thanks for continuing to support actionchurch financially-allowing us to purchase the appliances and large ticket items as a church family. (and pay the rent :-)

Above all else Thank you for being part of this thing we call actionchurch…whether you are in “blog world” or show up on Sunday…you folks are the reason we are able to be a church that even attempts something like this Extreme Christmas Makeover…without you none of this happens. Thank you!

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