Introduction- vs -Information

Recently something has occurred to me about what is happening at actionchurch. Every person in our growing crowd is there because someone introduced them to our gathering. They didn’t read and informational brochure (there aren’t any), they didn’t see or hear an “information packed” advertisement about us (there haven’t been any since our launch in February). Call it “word of mouth”…call it “viral marketing”… one thing is sure, there is huge power in people introducing their friends and family to something…or someone. Our world is flooded with “information” but “introduction” is still the most powerful method of change.

I’ve come to trust the power of introduction over information to not only bring people to actionchurch…but to communicate the good news of Jesus to them. People who are thirsty don’t need “information” about the chemical properties of water…they need a drink. People involved in a car accident don’t need a physics lecture about momentum and inertia…they need someone to pull them from the wreckage and tend to their injuries. People who come to actionchurch don’t necessarily need more “information” about God…they need to be introduced to the one who created them…loves them beyond their understanding…and sees possibilities for their future they could never imagine. I’ve come to trust less in my ability to “explain” God and the Bible…less in communicating a “formula” for salvation…and more in the Spirit of God to change hearts and lives. It’s about introduction…not information.

Thanks to all of you who introduce your friends and family to a “church for people who don’t like church”. A place that “everyone is accepted, and anything is possible”. Your introduction is more powerful than you may ever know!

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