Sunday Recap: "Mindset" pt. 3

What a great day at actionchurch! Today I talked about thankfulness…and I am truly thankful for all the great people we have been blessed with. Jesus “gave up his rights” to the greatness of heaven and came down to live and work in our little “neighborhood” we call earth. Instead of angels his associates were fishermen, prostitutes, and tax collectors. Instead of the mansions of heaven he chose homelessness. Instead of feasting in heaven he thanked God for a few smelly unrefrigerated fish…and turned them into lunch for 5000. Jesus chose to be thankful for what he had…and “give up his rights” to the “things he deserved”. That’s the example I’m convinced we must follow if we want to live a thankful, content, happy life…

The Highlights:

  • We started out the day with 69 ornaments (above) on the “Extreme Christmas Makeover Tree”…it was a big list…and after everyone was gone the tree was virtually bare! The only things left on the tree were the “big Ticket” items such as the x-box, TV, etc. and a few furniture items. We will be purchasing these items as a church… (more details on the grand total to follow) Thank you everyone for caring for our “adopted family”. I know that they are simply going to be overwhelmed that so many people that they don’t know would care about them! Way to focus on others!
  • The only items that we need to cover still are a day bed/ or sleeper sofa (can be used but excellent condition), a Bakers rack or small kitchen work cart, a rectangular kitchen table and chairs, and a small chest type deep freeze. If you have one of these items and would like to donate them let me know.
  • Even thought we are entering a Holiday week everyone was there for set-up…even Dave who actually came for set-up before leaving to attend a family gathering…our crew is simply the best.
  • Today was the debut of “The Pledge” on stage… I heard from several people about what a great band they are-I definitely agree….hard to believe today was their first performance. I am looking forward to having them back in December. (Looking forward to a visit from Torn From Red after the first of the year to debut their new songs also!)
  • I’ll be posting some pics later in the week of actionkidz…they are truly doing an outstanding job…we are seriously going to need more space for the “kidz” before long.
  • The new set up in the lobby/cafe area worked really nice and seemed much less “cramped”. Thanks to Michele for the idea and Jerry for allowing us to make the “road case” coffee bar…
  • …anything can look cool if you paint it black and slap an actionchurch logo on it.
  • Speaking of “cogs” I love the “santa cog” that Josiah made for the Christmas season… I haven’t found anything yet that he can’t create…
  • The “Baby Bus” was fully operational-yeah!
  • As I said in the sermon today…I really struggle with overlooking the great things that are happening by constantly looking forward to the “next thing” or the “next level”…I am truly grateful for the amazing thing that is happening at club 19 on Sunday mornings. It’s beyond anything we could ever “deserve”.

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