So we have our Extreme Christmas Makeover list… It’s a big one. (I just got an update this morning for what the little girl wishes for). Can we do it? I believe we can.
The question is Why? Why care for a family we have never met? A family that doesn’t attend actionchurch? Couldn’t the money be “better spent” taking care of “ourselves”?
Those are all valid questions and I think the answer is found in the “Mindsets” we’ve been talking about on Sunday Mornings. We are to have the “same attitude” as Jesus. He left heaven…with all of it’s benefits…to care for people who would eventually turn on him and have him murdered. Now that’s an unselfish life that “Focuses on others”!
From the very beginning of actionchurch we have chosen to put our faith in action by focusing on those outside of the church. Just a few weeks after our launch we gave cash away…no strings attached. We’ve donated money and services to the Relay for life in York. We give stuff away at the fair. Two weeks ago it was the York Rescue Mission… It’s in our DNA. It’s what we do…
We have been extremely blessed as a church. We’ve never had a lot (read almost none :-) of cash, but we have been blessed in spite of that. Every Sunday morning I look around and cannot believe that we get to bring our friends to a venue like Club 19! That all the Gear we need to do church “actionchurch style” has been donated. It is simply undeniable that without God’s blessing, a 9 month old church plant with no denominational backing should not have the venue, the equipment, the talent, and the crowds we have come to expect on Sunday Morning. It simply shouldn’t be happening.
So why care for those “outside” of our crowd? Because it is what Jesus did. Because “Focusing on others” and allowing God to provide for our needs is the essence of Faith. …the essence of unselfish living. Because ultimately actionchurch believes that “Doing Good for others-is good for us”. As I said Sunday it’s a “Grand experiment”. I hope you’ll jump in and be part of it…I do not believe you will be disappointed!

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