Change or Ignore?

I luv spell chek, its the greatest nvention ever. Unfortuntly, I allso like to missspell stuff on purpos. Words lik “kinda”, “sorta” and “gimme”. I also like 2 use words that arenot in the Diktionary…like actionchurch and actionkidz. Im also “addicted to the overuse of “dot, dot, dot” and qoutation marks…”

The problem is that when the spell check box pops up at the end of by blog post or email, I often mindlessly click “ignore” over and over…or just click “ignore all”. I miss much of the value of spell check because I don’t want the hassle of going through the list of things I don’t want to change… Mis-spellings and bad grammar areas get through, because I am so quick to “ignore” the prompt to “change”.

I was thinking this morning that God works in our lives a lot like Spell check… He won’t fix all our mistakes for us…but his Spirit is there to give us correct options and prompt us to change. The “trick” is to listen to the promptings. To Respond. To not be so arrogant (like I am sometimes) that you think you “know better” and just mindlessly “ignore” the promptings. It’s our choice…It’s up to us…will we click “change” or “ignore”…

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