In progress…

Stuff we are working on after Sunday:

  • Looks like we have come up with a place for families with small children to take their little ones and watch the service on a monitor while they’re toddlers play. (stay tuned for more info)

  • Still working on a better way to move a slate top pool table safely and more easily every week…

  • …will probably try different chair/table lay outs to see what works best.

  • Jerry and Steve will be bringing the sound in mains down next week… I’m sure we will still be called “the loudest church in the east” like we were at Fat Daddy’s…but we are not trying to start a new ministry to the deaf :-)

Lot’s more tweaks and work to do to make Club 19 into actionchurch… but I definitely feel blessed to have such a clean and well-put-together place to have church in on Sunday mornings!

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