In God we Trust?

I think the new series starting Sunday may be the most timely teaching we have ever done…I say “we” because Josiah and I started discussing the idea for “In God we Trust?” in late August/early September. (I think the series artwork is his best yet!)

At the time I had no idea the financial/political/cultural/turmoil and uncertainty we would be facing now…I just had this feeling that we were “missing something”. It seemed at the time (and still does) that everyone was looking for answers…no one really trusts anyone else anymore…and all of our “solutions” and “hopes” seemed to depend on everything but our creator.

I’m looking forward to talking about what we can actually trust God to do. I’m looking forward to your questions and comments coming in via text msg. What I will not be doing is endorsing political parties or candidates…giving Dave Ramsey style financial advice… or pontificating about how to “stop the gay whales from smoking in public”. It ain’t about politics…it ain’t about money…it’s about who you can trust.

See ya Sunday at Club 19…bring a friend and your phone.

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