Club 19 move update..

Here’s a quick update on whats happening at Club 19 to prepare for our move there on 10.19.09 (oh yeah….we are moving to “19” on the 19th):

  • a large video screen is being installed behind the stage (pictured above)…there is simply not a “bad seat” in the house. Everyone will be able to hear and see everything going on!
  • Dave Brubaker has been playing the “actionchurch board game” at home(below)…and here’s the seating you can expect to see on the 19th…except the tables won’t be made out of Mountain Dew Boxes. Lots more tables…plenty of room to expand seating up to 200 comfortably.

  • Signs are being ordered to direct everyone from Rt 30-one block up George St.-and to the club…and then to parking. Josiah is designing them this time…so they should look great…and be readable. (I’m the one who designed the black road signs with gray lettering that can only be read if you stop and get out of your car!)
  • Everything will be fresh in the actionkidz area…we have a “semi-permanent” home for the “kidz” (We don’t have to pack it up every week but it all must be able to be moved for special events)
  • The Check in area for actionkidz is being built this Saturday (10.11.08) Welcome Race fans to actionkidz
  • Lot’s of cool stuff happening that will make Club 19 totally “actionchurch” when we start meeting there…I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised that a “newborn” church like we are has been blessed with such a great new venue…

Thanks so much to all of you who are giving your time, talents, and financial gifts to make this happen…It is going to be amazing!

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