Stuff we need for the move to Club 19:

Here’s some Stuff/”skills” we will need to make the move to Club 19:

  1. “Bob (or Betty) the Builder”We need someone(s) who is the “carpentry type” to help build our new check in center for actionkidz. We have the opportunity to have a “semi-permanent” set for actionkidz. (as long as it is on wheels we can leave it up at the club). I have a vision for a check in center for actionkidz that will allow us to safely check “kidz” in…cut down on noise between the services…and look really cool. I can help out painting but I will simply not have the time to build the whole thing between now and the 19th. We can supply materials, plans, etc… but we really need someone to head up the construction…and someone with a big truck or trailer to transport the sections. (We basically need to build a “Stage set” or “Facade” for check in) Got experience in carpentry or Theatre set design? …you are needed!
  2. Parking Crew We will need to direct cars at the new club through the main parking lot to the ones in the rear. Like to wear a cool orange Vest? We have the position for you!
  3. Prayers! We need people to pray for wisdom and strength for the move. …for the people who haven’t even heard of actionchurch that will now have an opportunity to attend.
  4. Clean up Crew There will be very little “set up” at “19”. The club will be clean and ready to hang signs and sound check the bands on Sunday morning. (I know everyone who has been so faithful to clean and set up Fat Daddy’s is crying right now…no more 8am on Sunday mornings….more like 9:30am! I do want to make sure we leave the club as clean as we found it so even though there will be less “tear down” we will need to sweep up before we leave.
  5. “Advertisers” We need help in letting everyone possible know we are moving…Got a myspace or facebook? Would you like to post our moving “ad” and map? Tell your friends, spray paint it on city buses…oops actually don’t spray paint it on anything…I just got carried away… but please tell everyone!
  6. Donations… Here’s the most amazing thing about this move…we started out in August DEAD BROKE! actionchurch paid five weeks of rent in August…and spent nearly $2000 giving stuff away at the fair. The amazing thing is that in spite of that, we have received many amazing gifts this month…and we have most of the funds needed to purchase equipment/signs for the move! On top of that…the owners of Club 19 are purchasing the large screen and projector we need (and the chairs and tables)…which saves us THOUSANDS of Dollars! (Thank you Club 19!) Thank you all for your generosity…we will still need extra donations to pay “first months rent” etc…(we pay weekly now) But the great news is that God is already providing through the generous people of actionchurch…so there will be no massive “fundraising thermometer” that you might expect to see on stage during a move such as this…I am blown away!

If you can help out in any of these areas, please let us know. I’m sure other needs will come up and I will post them as they do.

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