Rock Band starts Sunday!

A couple of months ago I wrote this (link). Those thoughts have grown into our next sermon series which I cannot wait to start Sunday. There is only one thing in this world more powerful, more culture changing, more controversial, more “loud and obnoxious”, more “infectious”, than what happens when a small group of musicians team up to “Start a Band, Change the World”…that one thing is the Church. The similarities are striking. When the church operates as cohesive unit, refuses to “sell out”, and plays the clear and powerful “chords” that God intended- it is simply unstoppable… when it doesn’t, it is more pathetic than a washed up Reo Speedwagen cover band.

The next four weeks are going to be a “medley” of Rock bands (chock full o’ hair metal of course), “Rock Band” (the video game)…and a look at the first church from the Book of Acts…
If you bring your friends I promise not to wear Spandex!

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