Sunday Recap: "un"series-(unlikely)

Week one of the “un” series. “God Specializes in using unlikely, unsure people to do undeniable acts of greatness!” Man, do I love telling people how God sees potential for them that they don’t even realize. Today we talked about the angel calling Gideon a “mighty hero” while he was still hiding out doing his threshing in a hole in the ground to avoid his enemies… (go there) “Go in the strength that you have…and I will be with you.” I can’t wait to tell the second part of this story next week when we talk about being unsure…

The Highlights:
  • Torn From Red “tore up” the stage today! There is something really special that happens when one of “our” bands not only plays a great set…but absolutely brings the right songs. They started out with a Foo Fighters cover “Best of you”…followed by their originals “We all die young” and a really cool new track “I heard you say”. What was really “spooky good” was their final song “If that’s what it takes”…I found myself just bowing my head and closing my eyes during parts of that song…wow.
  • Lot’s of great response to our call for volunteers to help at the York Fair…look out York… you have no Idea what is about to hit you…we’ve come a long way since last year when it was just Michele, Reagan, and I running the coffee booth….what a cool “God” story!
  • We were packed out again this morning…not a lot of empty seats…Torn From Red is always a “draw” but we had lots of people gone for their last vacation before school starts…I had several interesting conversations today about possibilities for making more space for people this fall… Pray for wisdom and courage for the whole actionchurch crew as we deal with this “good problem” of running out of space at 11am on Sunday Mornings.
  • I think Josiah really captured the grungy “feel” of actionchurch in the graphics for the new “un” series…he is going to use the same “look” for our fair “invite card” and powerpoint slides…can’t wait to see what he comes up with.
  • I loved taking questions during the “txt msg” series but I definitely feel more “on my game” preaching as a monologue this week… I do think it’s great to mix it up…I don’t want to ever fall into a “rut” of just doing things the way we always do…
  • Speaking of not “just doing things the way we always do” we really are struggling to make actionkidz a better environment for our kidz but also our volunteers… this summer has been very difficult trying to adequately staff the “kidz“… Being short staffed has made it difficult to communicate and teach while trying to “coral” kids…which has made it even more difficult to keep volunteers. Michele was teaching today due to a teacher canceling and she was absolutely swamped. We are absolutely considering suspending actionkidz in a couple of weeks to retool and rest the volunteers if necessary… add this to our “stuff we are working on” file.
  • …at six months old actionchurch is definitely like a “toddler” we are constantly growing and needing to clean up our “messes”. That being said- I absolutely believe in our crew and know that we will continue to grow and impact people of all ages for Jesus!
  • Lots of “big, scary, crazy, future” vision stuff bubbling under the surface at actionchurch…I can absolutely see God “winding up” to do something really “undeniable” in the near future…these are exciting times!
  • Finally, I snapped the picture above of the actionchurch decal on Dave B’s bagger in the parking lot. Is it just my imagination or is there a “halo” around his bike now??…I’m just sayin‘…look what happens when you “upgrade” your vehicle with an actionchurch decal…
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