Sunday Recap: txt msg

Today was the first installment of txt msg where folks in the audience were able to text in their questions to the screens around the club. The topic we discussed was “Does God still speak… and how can we tell if it’s him speaking? I spoke from 1 Samuel 3 and used some of the principles found in the chapter to try to shed some light on how and when God speaks to us…

The Highlights:

  • Great questions today…actually more questions than we had time for. I will try to cover a few of the “extra” questions later in the week in a blog post. This is definitely a series that we will learn from and possibly include texting segments for questions and audience surveys in future sermons…we’ll see.
  • Josiah did a great job today not only with getting all the technical stuff to work but in being the sermon “producer”. His job today was to post the questions in a way that would “flow” and not totally throw a very easily distracted “preacher type” off his game. We basically used the model of a talk show…I was the “mouth” and he was the “producer/call screener”.., I actually enjoyed the format…hope someone else did also.
  • Brian Neal (with drummer John on percussion) accoustic set …I really appreciated him sharing his “story”. Very cool cover of “Shine” by Collective Soul.
  • Pastor Dennis Hall and Youth Pastor Mike Miller from Frienship Community Church
    It was amazing that they would chose to come out and Hang with us…I forgot to mention that their worship Pastor Rich Thornton visited us last week…They have been a help and encouragement to actionchurch since the very beginning…I aspire to being as helpful and open handed with other start up churches in the future…thanks guys.
  • I used the word “dumb ass” in the sermon…seemed like a good descriptive word for my past behavior…maybe not.
  • Great pics by Ashley today… she is definitely the “official photographer” of actionchurch…I love the moments she captures. (her work above)
  • I think for the first time this summer our attendance was actually a little lower…we had some visitors from Friendship that filled in some seats but there were a lot of people away today.
  • I was totally proved wrong about “mac stuff” from the “apple mafia” this morning…I’m more than happy being wrong when things look so much better…thank you “apple geniuses”.
  • It’s always cool to get to know actionchurch folks when they help with set up…thanks to all the set up and tear down crew!
  • We used a desperate housewives clip today…love it!
  • Next week- A race car in the parking lot…Hard rockin’ “Chambered” (new incarnation of Clean Slate) on stage…and my parents are visiting from MO…sounds like fun…better watch my mouth.

If you missed it here’s the Desperate housewives clip…

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: txt msg

  1. Is it the voice of God, Or a need for medication? I admit, that when you spoke about God talking to people I Had a flash of a scene from Monty Python Holy Grail, when they were talking to God.

  2. “Once shalt thou throw thy holy hand grenade”… I love that movie!

    I think that’s why it’s so important that we get to know God’s charactor and “voice” from the Bible and living a life of listening and service…Then if someone says “God told them” something we can have a pretty good Idea if they are off their meds…