Chuck E Cheese Church…

I had a really insightful question in an email this week and since I actually had an answer (that doesn’t always happen)…I asked if I could post the question and answer here for everyone. The question was:
“My family and I attended actionchurch this Sunday and loved it (ok maybe they said ‘weren’t totally repulsed by it’)…we know that actionchurch is primarily designed for “people who don’t like church”…we are a family of Jesus followers…can we attend or would we just be taking up valuable seats on Sunday morning?…it looked pretty crowded.

Believe it or not I told them actionchurch was like Chuck E. Cheese. Now before you think I have completely lost my mind think about this… Chuck E. Cheese is designed for kids. Everything about it is geared for kids…but without adults the place would be out of business. Adults pay for the games…cook the “bad pizza”…supervise the play…and care enough about their little ones to bring them to Chuck E’s place-even though it may not be their first choice as a restaurant…

actionchurch is designed for “people who don’t like church”…people who have wandered far away from God…the broken…the cynical…the “burned”. We are going to do everything in our power to “gear” actionchurch on Sunday mornings to that crowd. But guess what, without followers of Jesus joining in, paying the bills, bringing their loved ones, helping us make our own brand of “bad-kid friendly pizza” and fun..we would soon be out of business.

Thanks to all of you who support actionchurch…even those of you who put aside your “church preferences” to bring someone you care about. Thanks to those of you who give financially each week even though all you get in return is our thanks…and maybe a donut. Thanks to those of you who give your time so that others can enjoy a great experience on Sunday morning… Thanks especially to all of you who volunteer in actionkidz so that our “kidz” can have a great memory of church when they grow up. Keep on coming…keep on bringing your friends…if we’ll just be faithful God will provide more seats!

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