Bare feet…

I ran across this article from the New Yorker “You walk wrong” about how the wearing of shoes is “ruining” our feet. The author quotes a podiatry expert Dr. William A. Rossi saying that “Natural gait is bio mechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.” The “big idea” of the story is that feet are “perfectly designed” instruments (the author would say “evolved”) and our culture of wearing shoes actually harms their ability to function properly. “Shoeless” societies in Africa actually have healthier feet. (although they do have to say “ouch” “ouch” “OUCH” a lot more when they walk across hot sand…)

Here’s a couple of things I am wondering:

  1. Why do I read anything from the New Yorker…I need a life.
  2. Following Jesus is often described as “walking with God”… I wonder what parts of our modern “walk with God” are hampered and even harmed by our christian “church” culture of “discipleship programs” and “community building programs” etc.
  3. What would a “bare foot” walk with God look like?

What do you think?

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