Sunday Recap: at the movies 1

First week of “at the movies”. Today’s movie was national treasure 2 Book of Secrets. I talked about “what we should do” with the great treasure we have been given from our “book of secrets” the Bible. Should we be more like the secret Societies in the movie trying to protect their treasure from “outsiders”? …or like the “treasure hunters” trying to expose the secrets and share them with everyone? I made the case from 2 Kings chapter 7 that it “is not right” for us to have the treasure of the Gospel while others are “starving” and Dying…we need to “go back” and tell them the good news…

The Highlights:

  • First time for Fire from the Sky on stage…I like this band…especially their song that they closed with “Case of the Mondays”. They came out of the box strong with a cover of “Pressure” by Paramour… tight set. I look forward to having them back.
  • Graphics looked awesome today…Josiah has completely revamped the look of our onscreen stuff for Sunday Mornings. Everything looked great! This is the first time I have prepared a sermon and not done my own powerpoint…ever! I think one of the best signs of the growth at actionchurch is the stuff that I am no longer doing on Sunday morning.
  • Verse of the Day…As a result, there was a great famine in the city. The siege lasted so long that a donkey’s head sold for eighty pieces of silver, and a cup of dove’s dung sold for five pieces of silver. 2 Kings 6:25 and you thought grocery prices are “high” now…
  • …so we decided to put out more chairs this morning…even though it’s a holiday weekend… because we were packed last weekend…even with the extra chairs we were packed again…wow. I am seriously starting to pray and prepare for a soon coming “space problem”. I will be posting about some possible solutions over the next few weeks.
  • Had fresh made “movie popcorn” this morning! Thanks to the Fife family for letting us borrow their machine…it smelled great…lots of clean up afterwards though.
  • We are definitely experiencing “growing pains” in lots of areas. We need more people in actionkidz especially. actionchurch at 5 months old is a lot like a five year old baby…growing like crazy, and constantly needing it’s “messes” cleaned up!
  • I enjoyed preaching using National Treasure 2 this morning but Josiah and I talked afterwards and I now have lot’s of ideas about how to make it better next week. I am really feeling “driven” now to “raise our game” in lots of areas on Sunday morning…especially my preaching. Every week is important…every week is someone’s first week at actionchurch.
  • I say it every week but thank you to all the “crew” that set’s up and tears down…you guys rock.
  • As excited as I am right now at what is happening Sunday mornings at actionchurch…I get the feeling that this is just a minuscule portion of what is coming in the future…this is only the beginning.
  • “Dan in Real life” next week…watch it!

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