Adventures in being "Bi"

Relax, I’m talking about being “Bi-vocational” (having two jobs-preacher/painter) Here’s what I am working on right now.

  1. Looking at some awesome new graphics Josiah is creating for the upcoming series “at the movies” (July) Check out the new Blog header he just cranked out! Sweeet Huh? Thank you Josiah…I dub thee” emporer of all things creative” at actionchurch.
  2. Finalizing Plans for the Funeral for Josh and Dwans daughter Syndell Rose Althoff today…I want so badly to lend some comfort to this family…but I feel really helpless to come up with any words that will help. Please pray for all of us.
  3. Still working on putting Sunday’s Baptism Sermon “to bed” I usually am “finished” by Friday…I think I am having difficulty “finishing” it because I am preoccupied with the funeral…
  4. Still have a 3 bedroom townhouse to paint this afternoon and tomorrow…hopefully everything will go smoothly…that’s how we pay the bills.
  5. I need to pick a final movie for July 27th so that we can get the “at the movies” invite cards printed next week…I’m not sure yet.
  6. Also need to finish the “baptismal trough” so we have something baptize people in
  7. Praying/Trusting that it will all come together…it always does somehow.

So that’s a little peek inside my head…In the past I would have said that I had a “third job” of being a husband and father… I don’t think so anymore. Instead I now believe that Michele and Reagan are the “glue” that actually holds my life together and makes it worth doing all this other stuff…thanks girlz!

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