Sunday Recap: "The Game of Life pt 4"

Today was the final week of the “Game of Life” series. I think this series kind of broke new ground for us as a church… I think we are just starting to “zero in” on what we can do as a team with visuals,video, etc to communicate truth. I used “Pong” as a metephor for relationships. It looks so simple…is deceptively difficult…we volley back and forth until someone “drops the ball”…we keep “score” by seeing who “drops the ball” the least…eventually someone “loses” and someone “wins” and we go looking for someone else to “play”. I shared from Mathew 18:21-35 that we must choose between “justice” and “mercy” when it comes to our relationships with God and others…we can’t have it both ways.

The highlights:

  • The Recovery on stage today…what a great band. We haven’t seen them since Easter and they did not disappoint! Set list today “Whatever it Takes” from Lifehouse and some really top notch originals “Shadows” “Final Remedy” and “Disease“. I am definitely looking forward to having them in the line up this summer.
  • I had no idea if “anyone” would be there on our first Memorial day weekend…lots of people out but thanks to The Recovery being a draw, we had a really great crow today.
  • It was awesome to see so may actionchurch T-shirts in the crowd today…very cool that so many people not only bought T’s (proceeds go to Relay for life)…but put them on.
  • Speaking of T-shirts…Only a few weeks ’til relay (June 13th-14th) I can’t wait to see the crowd filled with actionchurch T’s…I’m really starting to get excited.
  • Our crew rocks…less people in set up and tear down due to the holiday thing…everything still went really smoothly.
  • What a week of dealing with “relationships” I am so thankful that our team puts up with me…I definitely need “mercy”…It seems like everything I have touched this week has ended up messed up.
  • I’m excited about the opportunities we are getting to spread the word about Sunday mornings…We have about zero advertising budget but people keep coming up with creative ways to let people know “where the action is…” I love all the requests for logos, decals etc. It’s very cool to see that people want to display them on everything from guitar amps to race cars!
  • LOTS of kidz upstairs in actionkidz…Chrissy, Jeff, and crew had their hands full.
  • I’m looking forward to this summer at actionchurch.

Here’s a little “bonus footage” from the Seinfeld “Frogger” episode that we showed today. This clip says it all…

Have a great Memorial Day… be sure to thank a veteran!

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