Lousy T-shirt Book…

I mentioned this book in the sermon yesterday so I thought I would put up a link. (amazon link) It is truly laugh-out-loud funny and it truly makes you think!

Yesterday I quoted one of my favorite lines from the book, stop having a personal relationship with Jesus“!! Can you imagine someone asking you to marry them and then telling you they weren’t going to tell their friends and family about your marriage because the just wanted to “have a personal relationship” with you? …telling you that they weren’t going to buy you a ring because they had “lots of bills” but they would drop a five dollar bill on your counter on Sundays? …telling you that they were “really busy” so they couldn’t spend much time with you but you could get together for an hour or two on Sunday mornings…and they would call you if they ever needed to be bailed out of trouble? It doesn’t sound much like a “relationship” at all does it? Could it be that Jesus just isn’t that impressed with our “say a prayer and see you in heaven” plan for a “relationship” with him…?

I’m gonna hear Vince “live” at Whiteboard (link) this week. Seriously check out the book…I “never” recommend books but this one is worth reading.

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