Stuff we're gonna be "bad" at…

You can’t be good at “everything” as a person, as an athlete…or as a church. You have to chose what you will put the most effort and resources behind…and the things you are willing to let “slide”. We are a three month old church in a nightclub with no paid staff. Our main concerns right now are:

  1. Putting on the best “Sunday morning” possible…(one that you can depend on when you invite your friends, an inviting, exciting, and welcoming place for “people who don’t like church),
  2. “Making Jesus Famous” by serving those in need in our community” (example Relay, we will have over 30 people serving there June 13th and 14th…way to go!),
  3. Building and maintaining a culture of generosity, kindness, and love for others as a church and as a group of people. (Putting the teachings of Jesus into action!)

Because we are currently putting all of our resources and energy toward these three goals, there are other things we have chosen to be “bad” at. ‘Not saying this is the “right way” to do church…or that we will never get “better” in these areas…these areas are just not a priority right now.

  • We’re “bad” at “activities”… we will have a Baptism and BBQ celebration in June but you won’t see a women’s retreat…midweek service…softball league etc.
  • We’re “bad” at personal “follow up”. We will respond to every “talk back” card and every person who asks for information or wants to volunteer…but if you need a phone call after every Sunday you miss church, checking in to see if everything is “Ok” and reminding you that church is at 11am the following Sunday…it ain’t going to happen.
  • We’re (I’m) “bad” at “counseling”…we simply don’t offer it. I am more than happy to sit down over coffee or lunch and have a discussion…but I am not gifted in counseling in ANY way…so I’ll spare you from any “advice” I might have…
  • We’re “bad” at Birthday parties, baby showers, and retirement “get togethers”…We hope that these things will happen among the friends you meet at actionchurch…but as we grow we could never “sustain” party planning for everyone…so we won’t start.
  • We’re “bad” at Bible studies and “classes”. We are a movement…not an educational organization. As I urge every Sunday morning, please explore the Bible and make sure the things you are hearing are true…they have immediate and eternal consequences…don’t believe everything you hear from a “guy you met at a bar”….question and explore.

I’m sure that there is more stuff that we’re “bad” at…but instead of worrying about those areas right now we’re going to celebrate the good and work to make them even better…every week.

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