Each week as I prepare the Sermon I struggle to find the best way to express the truth I find in the Bible… I want it to be interesting… I want it to be funny where appropriate… (OK, sometimes even where it is a little inappropriate) The Bible is a dynamic and exciting book…I think it’s a sin to make it “boring” The thing is, I just have no idea who will be at actionchurch on Sunday Morning, what they are going through, or what their background is. If anything happens to “resonate” in their lives…I think that is the whole “spirit” part of the equation.

I’ve come to think of my “job” on Sunday morning like this: I am the “bingo caller” I have no idea who has “what” on the “card” of their life. I have no idea what “cards” are in the game. I have no idea who will shout “bingo” or who will walk away disappointed. My job is just to have the “balls” to call out the “numbers” clearly…the rest is up to God!

I think the Sunday (the last week of “wrecked”) should be very interesting… you just might want to show up.

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