I know a dude that sends me about 5000 “forwards” a week to my email account. (I don’t think he reads this blog…but if he does maybe I will have less email this week). The truth is I hate “forwards”! Occasionally someone I love and trust will “forward” something on to me that they know I will want to see but most “forwards” are pure crap. I’m not interested in staring at a picture until I see Jesus, or reading my 27th forward of the week about angels…I’m certainly not interested in forwarding some “christenese” chain letter to everyone in my email account. Generally speaking, when I see a forward sent to me and a list of other addresses- I delete it!
As much as I hate getting “forwards” I don’t want to send them out either, especially in the Sunday Sermon. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not “totally original”. I’m constantly “borrowing” stuff I love from books, television, movies, music, etc. I just don’t want to ever get up on Sunday morning and try to communicate something I haven’t personally struggled with, “learned”, and become passionately convinced is true. I’m simply not a good enough communicator to “forward” someone else’s sermon, something I read in a book, or something I downloaded off of sermoncentral.com. …it would obviously be a “forward” and everyone would delete it from their memory immediately!
I am really looking forward to talking about Rahab the prostitute on Sunday. The story has “opened up” to me over the last few weeks in a completely different way than I have ever “seen”. Rahab’s vocation makes it very “delicate” to come up with subtitles for the sermon graffics… (I decided that “you can learn a lot from a prostitute” couldn’t be used). …but I am looking “forward” to telling her story of redemption!

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