Sunday Recap: "Wrecked" week 2

Some Sunday thoughts…as Forrest Gump would say ” In no particular order-

  • Clean Slate on stage as a three piece . I have no idea how those guys can rock every matter what the circumstance…They absolutely “owned” the new Alterbridge single “Watch over you”. I’m gonna post a clip of it later. Also rocked Daughtry “What I want” and a couple of their originals. Outstanding.
  • What a tough day today on the “hardware” side of things. NOTHING SEEMED to want to work… Michele and Reagan even got stuck in the elevator that didn’t want to work either…
  • We had a serious grounding “noise” problem that left us with the unfortunate choice between bad video or an unbelievably annoying hum… Josiah and Jake worked all morning and finally killed the “hum” but we had to shut down a couple of the flat screens that looked really bad. Not sure what that was all about…we’ve never had this problem before…just “one of those days”. Great job under tough conditions!
  • Good crowd again today! Every Sunday about 10:30 I think “maybe this will be the Sunday that no one will show up”…It’s very cool to keep seeing people come back and bring their friends…as I said today “this is not normal”.
  • We had people sign up to help in actionkidz but we still need LOTS more help… growing pains can be tough…but it sure beats the alternative.
  • I am so happy to see so many people stay to help “tear down” that people end up actually “looking for work”. I am so jazzed to see people who just started on the “crew” a few weeks ago actually directing “new” people on what needs to be done…that’s what it is all about.
  • Today was the first time I have talked about my story of being fired from my previous church, (while teaching about how God used Moses “fall from grace” to not just get better conditions for slaves…but to actually FREE them!) It made me even more thankful for the freedom of actionchurch
  • Offering was great today…that along with some generous gifts this week really helped. Thanks!…just a few day’s ago things looked pretty bleak fiscally….
  • I got the feeling talking to people today that many of us have had a “tough” problem filled week…I think actionchurch experienced that as well. In Spite of that there is nothing better than being part of God’s kingdom plan here on earth…being part of HIStory

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