actionchurch and "the X"

It’s certainly been an interesting week. On Tuesday I had a meeting with Nipsey, Earl, and Jen (Peoples Morning Show) from 105.7 the X. We are going to be advertising actionchurch on the X and I will be doing a “phone in” to the Peoples Morning Show to promote our grand opening on February the 8th.

We had a great meeting…they really “get” what we are doing…and I could see God’s “fingerprints” all over this rather “odd couple” relationship between a church and a Rock station. I don’t think it was an “accident” that we spent ten days across from them at the York fair and were able to meet them and share coffee with their crew (link). I don’t think it was a “mistake” that the news stories came out days before the meeting…all these things paved the way to prepare this meeting “in advance”. It was great to hear how they had been apprehensive about how they could advertise a “church”…but were now on board with the whole campaign

Stay tuned for updates about when the commercials will air. Also, if you are considering financially supporting actionchurch, please consider giving toward advertising! I think this is such a necessary and effective way spread the news about actionchurch….It’s just not in the “budget”. We could use your help.

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