Test Drive "action"

Here’s a few pictures from our first Test Drive at Fat Daddy’s. I’ll post more about the experience tomorrow but I have to say…

  • Church at Fat Daddy’s is not only possible-it’s gonna rock.
  • Clean Slate (band) was unbelievable…I am now a fan!
  • I am so blown away by our crew! It was so amazing to see just a handful of people do so much…so well. You guys are true action heroes!
  • I am so thankful for my family! From my beautiful Michele cleaning the restrooms and everything else in the club…to my little angel Reagan who was happily playing the whole time…to my Father-in-law Phil for helping get the video (and most everything else) working.
  • Matt (club owner) was unbelievably kind and actually helped us set up!
  • Jake (sound man extraordinaire) and his wife not only whipped our sound into shape but helped us set up also.
  • Thanks God, thanks crew…I feel so lucky to get to be a little part of actionchurch.

Clean Slate “in action”!

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