How flippin' cool is this?

I thought this was too exciting not to pass along. The club owner at Fat Daddy’s (the club we meet at on Sundays) told me this week that they were allocating the money we were paying them for rent for renovations and improvements to the club! We will be doing some more painting there after the first of the year and with their new improvements the place should really rock by our launch! Just this week they are putting in some new windows and (4) 37″ LCD TV’s in the downstairs stage/bar area. We won’t be able to tap into the “new” screens on Sunday yet, but they are allowing us to use them, and by next month we should have our video running on six!!! big screens instead of just two. I am so thankful for God’s plan! The Crew at Fat Daddy’s has been absolutely great to work with and I can’t wait to see what develops out of this odd-but-cool relationship between a church and a nightclub!

Don’t forget our first “Test Drive”, Sunday at 11am (12..09.07)

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