"right" and "wrong"

Lately I’ve been having an “ongoing discussion” with our four year old fairy princess, Reagan. It seems she likes to “be right”…a lot! Once she is convinced she “is right” about something, nothing can change her mind (I wonder who she inherited that from?)…she can even get pretty belligerent about it. The funny thing is, many time she is “right”. She remembers movie characters better than me, she remembers what mommy says better than me, sometimes she even remembers what I said better than me… She’s often “right”. What I’m trying to teach her through all of this is that you can be absolutely “right” in your position, but still be “wrong” because of your attitude and poor treatment of others.

I find this to be a hard lesson to learn for adults as well as four year olds. I’ve struggled with it much of my life. It is a hard thing to be passionately sure of the “rightness” of your position, and still remain humble and gracious toward those you disagree with. Lately this process is becoming easier for me…not necessarily because I have “grown”…I am just much more aware of all the areas I have been passionately wrong about in the past. That realization tends to humble you…

I want to make sure that humility and graciousness are ingrained in the DNA of actionchurch. I want to be “right” in our attitude toward others who may disagree with our vision of what a church can be/do in York County. I want to be a church willing to be “misunderstood” in order to share the good news of Jesus with people disenfranchised by religion. I want to be a church not deterred by criticism or swayed by praise. Most of all, I want to be a church more concerned with doing the right thing than merely “being right”!

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