"Almost" doesn't count!

You’ve probably heard people say “almost doesn’t count”. Almost winning the game doesn’t count. Almost getting that job… Almost getting the date with your high school’s prom queen. Almost making the team… It just doesn’t count.

Here’s the good news. “Almost” doesn’t count in the negative way either! Thankfully “almost” driving off a cliff may scare you…but it won’t kill you. Almost giving in to temptation… Almost quitting…Almost giving up on your dreams… Almost giving into fear… The awesome news is…almost doesn’t count.

If you don’t like honest words from a preacher you might want to stop reading, but I cannot tell you how many times I have “almost” given up on the dream of actionchurch. I can’t tell you how many times I have told God this is “too big”, “too crazy”, or “you should find someone else “more qualified” to do this” etc…Some days I almost quit- but I don’t…and I won’t because I cannot deny the amazing things that have already happened to make this dream for York county possible. I cannot deny that there are thousands of people in York County who will never hear about Jesus (at least in a positive way) if we do not provide a place that they feel “safe” “invited” and accepted.

So… If you’re almost ready to run from your fears instead of facing them…almost ready to give up on your marriage…almost ready to give in to temptation…almost ready to give up on your dreams… Don’t do it… Thankfully, almost doesn’t count!

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