I am amazed at the people that are already giving their time and money to help launch a church that no one has “seen” anything like in this area! (Thanks!) It’s been so exciting to dream and plan how to share the Good news of Jesus with people of all ages with a completely blank sheet of paper…driven by a biblical vision but unfettered by the traditions and limitations of the industry we call church. It reminds me of what it must be like to design a new automobile-a team of people following a basic “vision” but dreaming and imagining new features that meet the ever changing needs of the driving public.

It’s now time to make a “prototype” or concept car… On Sunday Morning December 9th (11-12) we will “roll out” an actual actionchurch service. Like a new concept car we won’t yet be “road ready.” There will undoubtedly be “features” that don’t completely work yet, tweaks will need to be made. Finally though, we will be able to show our friends and neighbors what actionchurch “looks like” on Sunday Morning. We still need volunteers to help out in several areas so there are still opportunities to not only attend but be part of the first service at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub. Mark your calenders!
Sunday morning 11-12
December 9th
at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub
2510 E Market street
York PA

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