Sunday recap…

I had a great Sunday with Michele and Reagan yesterday. Here’s the Highlights:
  • We went to church (LCBC) on Saturday night. (Amazing! They are running over 2000 people on Saturday night! Awesome service as usual)
  • Slept in Sunday Morning and had a big breakfast of egg’s, bacon, and Michele’s Peanut butter pancakes. Yumm
  • Handed out balloons at the Candy Bowl Race at Susquahanna Speedway.
  • It was awesome to see the grandstand dotted with actionchurch balloons.
  • One of the kids asked if we gave balloons away to “show kids we cared about them” -Exactly!
  • I finally saw a good use for mini-vans….Racing.
  • Bob finished 9th! The actionchurch #222 was really racy and very fun to watch!
  • Trick or treating in the pits after the race was a lot of fun. Reagan had a blast and the race teams seem like really kind generous people….very cool.
  • I fell asleep watching the Tivo’d Nascar race from earlier in the afternoon…great day for my “inner redneck”!

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