action heroes wanted!

Have you watched the new NBC show “Chuck”? It’s your basic boy-meets-girl-who-turns-out-to-be-spy-who-informs-boy-that-his-head-is-full-of-downloaded-government-secrets-so-in-addition-to-working-at-Best-Buy-as-a-“nerd”-he-needs-to-save-the-world…you know the type.

Here’s what I think is inspiring about “Chuck”. I love the idea that everything in your life can change in a moment…in a good way. I believe that to be true. It has happened to me. I believe that any one of us, when confronted with a cause that is big enough to capture our attention and imagination, can move beyond our ordinary lives and begin to do heroic things to “save the world”

Allow me to “download” some potentially life changing information into your “heart”. On 2.10.08 crowds of people are going to show up at Fat Daddy’s Night Club on a Sunday Morning. They will come from all over York County. They will be curious, and a little nervous. Many will be surprised at their selves that they would even consider attending church…even one that meets at a night club. They will all have one thing in common: Their experience on that one Sunday morning will likely determine whether they will “try church” again! Think about that…what a huge opportunity…and responsibility.

In order for these people to have a positive experience, other “ordinary people” will have to step up in heroic ways. Heroes will be needed to make sure that all our guests are welcomed and the many questions they will have are answered. Heroes will be needed to make sure the Dunkin Donut’s coffee and Donuts are ready and inviting . Heroes will be needed to be make sure that Fat Daddy’s is clean and set up in a manner that will be exceed any of our guests expectations. Heroes will be needed to transform Fat Daddy’s Dance floor into “actionkidz zone” where children will not just be taught, but will play, laugh, and learn in one enjoyable experience. “Tech” heroes will be needed to set up and operate equipment. Finally, Heroes will be needed that will financially support this dream of a “church for those who don’t like church” in York County.

If you would like to know more about becoming an “action hero” please contact us at Our first informational meeting will be held on Sunday, Oct 14th.

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