Support the Rabid!

Okay, I understand that makes no sense unless you watched the season premiere of The Office last night. If you have it tivo’d I won’t spoil it for you but it was funny as always. I love the office (every workplace should have a “Dwight”) and judging by the ratings, “America” loves watching the story of the most dysfunctional paper company in Scranton, PA unfold also.

I think part of the popularity of this show is that so many of us have experienced a boss like Michael Scott. So many of us suspect (or know) that we may actually know far more about actually doing our job than “management” does. So many of us have watched in amusement and frustration as our “bosses” struggled with situations that seemed like “common sense” to the average employee. I think a show like The Office is funny because it is, in an exaggerated way, “true”!

Want to fix your “failing” company? There are guys in the break room that know what the problem is and probably have a good idea how to fix it. Want some real “solutions” to the problems we face as Americans? Don’t go to D.C., go to a working class coffee shop in K.C. (Kansas City). Want to know why your Church isn’t growing and impacting your community in the “unstoppable” way God intended? Don’t ask the “steering” committee, ask the guy who owns the diner down the street…he’s heard why people don’t want to be part of your church’s “deal”.

I believe in the wisdom and power of “ordinary” people. My Bible is full of stories of how they changed their world. I am so thankful for the very clear vision God has given us for actionchurch. What excites me most is that our vision is made up of so many “What’s” and “Where’s” but so few “How’s”. We know “what” people we are to serve, we know “where” we are going, we know “what” actionchurch should “look like” etc…..but there are so many “how” questions that still need to be answered! That’s exciting to me, because I know each “how” answer is going to come from an “ordinary” person who has just been waiting for someone to “ask”.

How are we going to organize and energize the amazing children’s area we need to serve all the kids that are going to come? Someone knows. How are we going to make people from so many diverse backgrounds and experiences feel welcome…in a nightclub? Someone knows. How are we going to organize home groups so these new “revolutionaries” can stay connected to each other and God? Someone knows. How can we most effectively gather and send “action teams” out into our community to serve others? Someone knows. How will we “pull off” getting Fat Daddy’s clean, set up, and ready to have church in just three hours each Sunday morning? Someone knows. I can’t wait to meet all the “ordinary” people that God is sending ready and prepared to answer the “how” questions that we cannot…

Are you that “someone”?

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