So ya say you want a revolution???

They rocked “Revolution” by the Beetles at Church yesterday! I’m not a Beetles fan but I can not get that song out of my head now…especially the line(s) “so ya say you’ve got a real solution, we’d all like to hear the plan”. In the spirit of “Revolution” here’s a cliff notes version of what the actionchurch to-do list looks like between now and February:

September: York Fair- recuperate from fair- meet with potential “house band” members(Do you Rock?)- announce launch team meetings.

October: Launch team meetings and activities! (Launch team participants are simply people who want to see a church like actionchurch happen in York County. We are looking for lots of different skills and personalities to make up the team (think Oceans 11 without the grand larceny). If you would like to help “make history in York County…you will have an opportunity to be part of the “revolution”. (Religious background or experience not necessary. )

November: Launch team meetings. Build sets and childrens areas for test drive in December. Eat pumpkin pie.

December 12.09.07 Test drive #1 at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub. Daddy’s Nightclub. (The idea behind monthly “test drive” gatherings is the same as having a friends and family night at a restaurant before it opens. We will have small (but growing each month) gatherings at our location leading up to Launch! This allows us to refine and improve our services before launch while introducing our friends and family to the possibility of “church in a club”.) I can’t wait for this one! We are doing a “Christmas Story” themed service titled “BB guns or Bunny Suits”. One of my favorite stories!

January 1.13.08 Test drive #2 at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub. Our final “test drive” will be our final “practice” and most like the “real thing”.

February 2.10.08 Launch I cannot wait to kick off the “Re-think” series as we invite York County to “Re-think” then many things we all “know” about Jesus, the Church, Prayer, and Scripture.

During the next four months until actionchurch “launches” we will also have lots of opportunity’s to meet new people, hang out with our “new” launch team friends, and serve our community…It’s gonna be really busy but “don’t you know it’s gonna be-alright, alright, alright. (I still can’t get that song out of my head.)

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