action heroes: The power of Cookies

Two things my wife Michele loves are the Pillsbury Dough boy and baking. That makes us the perfect couple because I love to eat what she bakes. (Make your own joke about me being white and “doughy” like the dough boy.)
Fortunately for my waistline, Michele doesn’t let me eat all the cookies she bakes…she gives them away…all the time. Michele gives cookies to contractors, postal workers, people at banks, people in the neighborhood, anyone she comes in contact with on a regular basis. You know what, she loves baking them and people love eating them-go figure! Just yesterday she had a great conversation with a nurse at a nursing home she and Reagan visit, because she took a plate of cookies by the nursing station. That’s the power of cookies…
We often think that being kindful or generous and serving people involves sacrificing and doing something we “don’t want to do.” Sometimes it does. But sometimes, it can be as simple as doing something you love-for others. It obviously doesn’t have to be giving cookies, but if you love to bake-go for it. Guys- if you love to work on cars-use that to help others. ‘Love to do carpentry or wood working-give it away, do it for others. Got a green thumb-give someone flowers you grow. Being “Salt and Light” can be as simple as doing something you love-for others!
What do you love to do, and how can you use it- for others? I’d love to hear your stories.

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