Bird "Trouble"

We had this “trouble” a couple of years ago also. A bird built a nest in the wreath on our front door. When these little guys hatch the problems really begin. First of all, we can’t use our front door…since the door opens inward, when you open the door you are bringing the “bird family” into the house. Secondly, Michele can’t change the wreath…I would personally probably still have the “Christmas wreath” on the front door, but according to her “it just isn’t done”! Finally, when these little guys hatch they are going to be noisy, demanding, and poop all over our front door! So why do we put up with this “problem”? Because they are alive and I’m not going to toss their little lives in the garbage because it’s inconvenient to me!

Our little “bird family” reminds me of all kinds of “new life”. Pretty much all forms of “new life” from puppies, to babies, to new followers of Jesus are a lot alike. New life is messy, noisy, inconvenient, and “demanding” of our time and resources. For actionchurch to be a place filled with new followers of Jesus on a consistent basis, we must decide now to be the kind of church that loves “new life”. We must love new followers of Jesus even when it gets messy, noisy, and demanding of our resources. We must decide now to never toss lives in the “garbage” because it’s inconvenient for us to deal with them.

God, please help us be the kind of church that consistently fosters new life. Fill our hearts with love and our meetings with messy, noisy, “inconvenient” new followers of you…just like the new baby birds you sent to us. Except for the whole pooping on the door thing… Amen

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