action heroes: intro

There’s a reason that this video was at the top of the countdown for so long… Take the time to watch it (again?). I don’t know about you, but even though the video moves me with its accounts of people’s actions who single handedly changed history, I can’t imagine doing something so “heroic”. Each account seems “bigger than life”, somehow out of reach.

I am convinced; however, that each of us can change the “history” of someone by simply living out the lifestyle Jesus taught when he walked the earth. Each of us can be “salt and light” to those around us. I believe God’s loving nature is best illustrated by the fact that he not only has an amazing eternal plan for those who chose to follow him, but also makes the primary “business” of his followers to improve the lives of those who choose not to follow him….simply amazing.

At actionchurch we believe so much in the power of the “stories” of simple kindness and generosity that we plan to take time each week in our short one hour meeting to tell the stories of our “action heroes”. We believe “if it matters, count it!”(link) I’ve decided to start now! I am amazed at the number of people who chose to gather at this blog each week. I hope each of you will chose to join in our first mission. I hope each of you will report back with your stories in the comments or email ( Please do not feel like you are “bragging” by sharing your stories…you can even be anonymous…its’ the Internet after all. No matter where in the country you live I hope you will join in, because I know if you do it will be an amazing experience both for you , and the people you “bless”. You were born to be an action hero!

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